10 Best Vacuum cleaners 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

For selecting the perfect vacuum cleaner there are no of aspects which customer and user have to keep eyes on.

Such as, the size of the house or home, the number of stairs and the type of floor surface of the house.

Choosing the best vacuum cleaner is one of the tricky tasks because there are many brands and types available on the market right now. We use the vacuum cleaner in our daily life to clean our home surface and to maintain the hygiene of our homes.

What to consider while buying a vacuum cleaner:

Check features: always keep in mind that the feature of the product is the main ingredient of anything you are buying. It is very important to investigate their features so that it can fulfill your demands.

Always check for its durability, versatility and power usage. Many vacuum cleaners come with automatic control panels and that are good ones if you need one. Also, check their suction control strength.

Try it out: This factor is most important if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaner. , before purchasing any cleaning you should check it out physically. Try their sound and operate them before buying.

Type of vacuum cleaner:

There are many types of vacuum cleaner are there but all you need to do is, check for the product which is useful according to your demand. Determine them according to your choice.

Upright vacuums:

This type of vacuum generally costs less than other ones. They are good for deep cleaning and that helps to clean the surface properly. They are compact in shape and size. Anyone can operate this type of vacuum easily.

The only limitation of this vacuum cleaner is they need a person to pull and push. It is quite noisy as compared to others.

Canister type vacuum cleaner:

This type of cleaner is one of the best if you are looking for a lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner. It can clean the stairs, floor, carpets, and many more things very easily. They have separate power head and that’s what makes them lighter in weight.

There are some limitations to this type of cleaner but it can be ignored. These types of vacuum cleaners are a little bit bulkier than others.

Stick type vacuum cleaner:

These types of cleaners are light in weight and have tall bodies like a stick. This type is very convenient and you can buy this if you want a cleaner which is compact in shape and size.

They are mostly suitable for the small size of the area because it has little space for collecting the dirt and it is a little bit noisy also.

Handheld vacuum cleaner: this is one of the smallest and compact vacuums you can buy. They are quite handy because of their shape and size. The capacities of this type of cleaners are small so this is not suitable for large area cleaning.

There are a lot of brands available on the market and it is necessary to observe all the features and benefits before buying the vacuum cleaner. It can be useful if you have asthma because it cleanses the dirt very properly.

It is important to find the best product to compete with the demand of yours.

Types of the vacuum cleaners at glance:

There are various types of vacuum cleaners such as Cordless, corded, hand-held, stick, robot, wet & dry, etc.

  1. Roidmi S1E
  2. Hoover H-Lift 700
  3. Dyson V11 Absolute
  4. Shark Duo Clean Cordless IF260UKTH
  5. Shark Duo Clean Powered Lift-Away Upright NZ801UKT
  6. Bosch BCH7PETGB
  7. Swan Eureka Multi Force Pet
  8. Hoover H-Free 800
  9. Vax Blade 2 Max 40V

SEBO Felix Wild ePower

Things for consideration while selecting the vacuum cleaner:

There are no of consideration while selecting the better and right vacuum cleaner, Vacuuming is not a routine activity for most of the people, and they want a cleaner that does a better cleaning job of the house at the time they utilise it.

  1. Check features:

A vacuum along with a motorized brush cleans up the whole carpets better than single powered only by the suction. A switch will deactivate the brush and it will aid to protect the finish off bare floors and also avoid scattering debris.

  1. Bagged or bagless:

Vacuums those are bagless saves on the cost of purchasing bags but they need even more filters which also requires scheduled cleaning and maintenance. The dust, debris and mess of the emptying the bin of a bagless model which may cause problem.

  1. Category of the vacuum cleaners:

Each vacuum cleaners have different cleaning ability and also, they vary widely.  always try to purchase vacuum cleaner having better and efficient working abilities along with better suction. Cleaning power comes from a strange alchemy of suction power, vacuum head shape and the design of the brush-roll.

  1. HEPA Filter:

Many of the vacuum nowadays come with he inbuilt HEPA filters. HEPA stands for high efficiency particulates air. This HEPA filters helps to removing harmful allergies like smoke, sand, dust, dirt, debris and other particles from the air.

All other vacuum also does that but HEPA builted vacuum cleaners are expensive but also gives that much of the cleaning in that extent.

  1. Battery powered or corded:

Most of the stick vac uses battery, but in case customer wants to cleans your whole house and do not worry about charging of a vacuum.

Battery changes as per the model changes, there is also battery indicator with the vacuum cleaners having the battery.


Vacuum cleaner is powerful machine which removes contaminants, dirt from your home and increases longevity of carpet.

But for all types of vacuum cleaners’ maintenance is necessary without it they cannot do the job what they are designed for.

For big size houses, customer might want to consider a powerful vacuum cleaner, and for those houses which are with no of stair customer can purchase a lightweight vacuum to help in easier movements around the various floors.

Kind of floor plays a significant role in finding out the right vacuum cleaner for these surfaces.

For those homes which have multi-surface always consider the vacuum cleaner which will suit to all the surfaces. As you are not buying vacuum cleaner every day.

Therefore, it is essential that you put all factors into consideration before making any purchase. This is vital because you will be able to get high-quality products that will last long.

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Thus, vacuum cleaner is essential equipment for removing contaminants from your house. So, while choosing or selecting the best vacuum for must read the considerations you should take into account which are given as above.

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